Training on “Driglam Namzha and Court Etiquettes”

April 29, 2021: Training on “Driglam Namzha and Court Etiquettes” for Private and Corporate Lawyers concludes today
Bhutan’s sovereignty and identity are defined by its culture. Its cultural identity is regarded all over the world for its intricate elegance and uniqueness. As a result, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage is one of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness. Therefore, it is of utmost priority to sustain the impalpable aspects of our culture.
The Judiciary has been playing an important role in the preservation and promotion of Bhutanese culture and traditions. Even to this day, the legal system follows and promotes strict adherence to Driglam Namzha and discipline.
Driglam Namzha has an intrinsic meaning as an expression of civility, tact, propriety, decorum, and beauty, and goes beyond the wearing of scarves and the amount of bows that many people associate with Driglam Namzha. In the face of numerous erroneous interpretations of Driglam Namzha’s principles and discipline, the Justice sector must set an example.
The Bhutan National Legal Institute acknowledges the solemnity of the need to preserve, promote and standardize the practices of Driglam Namzha and Court etiquettes on a daily basis at any place. Therefore, the Institute in collaboration with the Department of Culture has conducted a three-day intensive training on Driglam Namzha and Court Etiquettes to the Private and Corporate Lawyers which began on April 26, 2021 has ended successfully today. The training was funded by the Royal Government of Bhutan.
The training strived to impart and educate the lawyers about the rich historical background of Driglam Namzha and its significance. It also aims at promoting, strengthening and standardizing its practices on a daily basis at any place. Further, the training aimed at establishing institutional linkages.

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