Training on the Interpretation of Laws

Her Royal Highness, the Hon. President of the Institute has always accorded due importance to the crucial roles played by the Bench Clerks in the justice system. Her Royal Highness has said that “Bench Clerks are the backbone of the Judiciary.” They are the bridges between the courts and consumers of Justice, and they actively assist the judges in managing the cases and drafting the judgments.
In order to further enhance their capacity to discharge their duties professionally, the Bhutan National Legal Institute is organizing a two-day training on the Interpretation of laws. They will be trained in determining the true intention or the purpose of the Legislature in enacting the particular laws; and familiarised with the various rules and principles of interpretation of laws such as the Strict, Literal or the Grammatical, Liberal, Golden, Harmonious, Mischief and various aids to interpretation of laws.
The opening ceremony was graced by the Hon. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bhutan.
The Bhutan National Legal Institute is the Training and Research arm of the Judiciary. It is engaged in building the capacity and enhancing the continuing legal education of the judicial personnel. It was established in 2011 and it is now housed at the Library Wing of the Supreme Court Complex at Hejo, Thimphu.

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