About Judges BookClub

Introduction Judges are seen by the society as ‘all-knowing’ and sagacious. They play an important roles within as well as outside the courts. They are looked upon as custodians of culture, values and legal philosophies. Bhutanese laws are steeped in deep cultural traditions, which has evolved into laws and legal principles in the country. Bhutanese Laws are a mixture of traditional moral values and modern principles. Judges are expected to know the letter and spirit of the law and the books and readings outside the legal paradigm ensure a composite thinking. The ‘Judges Book Club’ was initiated by Her Royal Highness Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck in 2012 to offer a platform of readership to our judicial and legal fraternity.

Membership of the Judges Book Club Although Judges Book Club focuses on the Judges and the judicial fraternity, its membership is open. Any person, although legal professionals are preferred, can become a member. The membership of the Club is on the basis of personal and institutional volition; it is mostly based on personal interest. Currently, the active members of the Judges Book Club consist of Justices of the High Court; Judges of Thimphu District Court,Registrars and legal professionals from Thimphu.

Objectives of the Judges Book Club The main objectives of the Judges Book Club are as follows: a) It provides a forum for the interaction among its members over a cup of tea; with meaningful discussions; b) It allows interaction amongst the judges, judicial fraternity and the legal professionals; c) It provides a creative diversion for the judges from their mundane grinding rituals of adjudication of disputes; and d) It help to develop skills of reading, writing and speaking and other academic competencies. e) Its a part of Continue Legal Education and Professional Development for the Judicial and Legal fraternity.