Capacity Building

Capacity Building Section (CBS)

Capacity Building Section (CBS) looks after the capacity of the judicial personnel, legal fraternity and the relevant stakeholders under justice sector. The major works of the Institute, as mandated by the Judicial Service Act of Bhutan, 2007, are carried out by this Section.  The following briefly provides the mandates of the CBS:

  1. Formulate and conduct training in various aspects of the administration of justice

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – One of the major activities of the Institute is to take justice closer to the grass root level by training Local Government Leaders and the relevant stakeholders on the mediation skills and techniques. This is to enhance community involvement in the dispute resolution process and enhance easy access to justice through informal mechanism. Therefore, CBS is responsible to study the need of the training and organize accordingly.

2.Conduct legal dissemination and awareness programs

The dissemination programs is one of the important activities of the BNLI. This program ensures public understanding of law and safeguard rule of law. The CBS is therefore responsible to carry out this program through various creative ways, using all possible medium and methods such as lecture series, panel discussions, radio talk show, school law clubs, print media, television series, distribution of legal pamphlets and Acts. The subject of the dissemination shall be on the important principles of law that concerns the daily activities of the general public, and shall include judicial notifications from the Supreme Court.

3.Explore exchange of ideas, experience, and programs with other similar institutions both within and outside Bhutan

Through signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with other similar international
Institutes, legal knowledge, ideas, experiences and programs can be exchanged.  Thus, this Section is responsible to follow-up on already signed MOUs, explore the areas to strengthen, and look for new institutional linkages that can help the growth and development of the BNLI. The CBS is also responsible to oversee peer exchange and internship programs that enable exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the peers with legal background. Thus, the following sums up the duties
of the CBS in exploring exchange of ideas, experience, and programs with other
similar institutions both within and outside Bhutan:

Follow-up on already signed MoUs.

  • Explore for new Institutional linkages.
  • Explore peer exchange program.
  • Facilitate internship program.

These are the major activities the Capacity Building Section focuses on. However, the list of the activity is not exhaustive. Other activities are also carried out in line with the Continuing Legal Education Section and Research and Development Section.