Rules and Guidelines

  1. Standing Operating Procedure for Media and Communication Unit of Judiciary, 2022. (Download)
  2. Standing Operating Procedure (SoP) for the Adjudication of Banking Cases 2022. (Download)
  3. Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for the Grievance Cell of the Judiciary 2022.(Download)
  4. Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for Private Money Lending, 2022. (Download)
  5. Sentencing Guideline for the Judiciary of Bhutan, 2022. (Download)
  6. Rules on Declaration of Conflict of Interest by Drangpon, 2022. (Download)
  7. Rules of Procedure of the Royal Judicial Service Council, 2022. (Download)
  8. Rules and Guidelines on Semso, Gifts, Ushering and Exiting Programs for Judicial Personnel, 2022. (Download)
  9. Judicial Performance Review and Evaluation Rules, 2022. (Download) 
  10. Guideline on Expeditious Adjudication Proceedings, 2022. (Download) 
  11. Guideline on Appeal, 2022. (Download)
  12. Guideline for Sothue – Child Support Allowance, 2022. (Download)
  13. Guideline for Prevention and Protection of Judicial Service Personnel from Sexual Harassment at the Work Place, 2022. (Download)
  14. Contempt of Court Rules and Regulation of Judiciary of Bhutan, 2022. (Download)