Awareness Workshop on “New Legislations & Amendments” to the existing laws for the Court Registrars and Bench Clerks.

Legal literacy and awareness is pivotal in promoting the legal culture and involvement in the legislative development, ensuing the rule of law. In the whirlpool of many upcoming amended laws and legal provisions, the Institute acknowledges the importance of the dissemination of the same to the backbone of Judiciary – the Bench Clerks and Court Registrars who actively support the judges in court proceedings and play a crucial role in dispensing justice.
The Institute has successfully conducted the awareness workshop for the Bench Clerks of the Dungkhag and District Court. Further, with the completion of this workshop, the Bench Clerks of the Supreme Court, High Court and Court Registrars have been educated on the substantive and procedural laws which are applied consistently in matters before the courts, in addition to new legislations and amendments.

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