Court-Annexed Mediation (CAM) Training, Phase IV

The Institute holds great pride in institutionalizing Court-Annexed Mediation in Bhutan. There are about 110 trained mediators in the court, hitherto. Further, the Mediation report 2020 indicates 443 cases have been mediated in the courts since its establishment. However, there is a long road to walk before the visions of the Institute can be achieved. The Institute endeavors to train every senior Bench clerks in the country to build a strong human capacity and enhance Access to Justice. In this regard, the training on Court-Annexed Mediation Phase IV, which was scheduled for 3-8 May 2021 at Mongar is being held virtually for the 25 Bench Clerks of 11 Dzongkhag Courts.
The six-day training commenced from 7 June 2021. It is funded by Royal Government of Bhutan.

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