Consultative Meeting with Judges on Judgment Drafting

To facilitate periodical dialogue and communication among Hon. Justices and Judges, the Institute facilitated consultative meeting virtually today.
The meeting was held based on the feedbacks and recommendations received from the Bench clerks who have already undergone the training on Judgment Drafting.
The meeting aimed at creating uniform understanding and approach to judgment writing among various Courts.
The meeting discussed following matters:
a) Common understanding among various courts and judges on basic structure of the judgment;
b) Uniform understanding and application of FIRAC format;
c) Mutual and systemic approach to sharing of case files and related documents from trial courts to appellate courts;
d) Systemic appeal procedure and formulating common understanding on appeal grounds;
e) The meeting also clarified certain pertinent issues, challenges that Judges and Bench Clerks face while drafting judgment, and how these issues, shortcomings and challenges can be resolved.

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