Justice at your doorstep – with Court-Annexed Mediation

Justice at your doorstep – with Court-Annexed Mediation
• Mediation of disputes has a long history in Bhutan. It was the customary law before the advent of the modern Legal System- Therefore; mediation is also a primary form of dispute settlement.
• The community mediation is a flourishing opportunity with trained and adept local leaders as a mediator. The National Mediation report reads 4118 cases were mediated in the year 2020.
• To further enhance the access to Justice, the parties are being provided with another opportunity to mediate their cases in the court.
• The parties can seek to avail the service anytime before the judgement.
• Only the civil cases can be mediated.
• Mediation is an efficient, effective, expeditious, convenient and a less expensive process to resolve a dispute with dignity, mutual respect and civility.
• Court-Annexed Mediation leads to a Win-Win situation.
• What happens within the walls of the Court-Annexed Mediation unit stays in the unit- preserving confidentiality.

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