Virtual Training on Judicial Mediation for the non-lawyer Judges

There are no winners or losers in mediation; only fairness. Mediation is like give-and-take where both disputants feel they have won. It is cheaper and expeditious than the mainstream court litigation. Mediation can help reduce congested court dockets, allowing judges more time to decide important cases. It can help enhance access to justice and promote restorative justice.
According to the recent National Mediation Reports published by the Institute, considerable number of cases have been resolved through mediation process. Although Judges do not directly mediate cases but play a crucial role in fostering a culture of amicable dispute resolution. They provide information, arrange information sessions on mediation and, where applicable invite the parties to use mediation and/or refer cases to mediation. It’s essential therefore that they have a full knowledge and understanding of the process and benefits of mediation.
To this end, the Institute is conducting a three-day virtual training on “Mediation Skills and Techniques” starting today. Eleven non-lawyer judges from the Dzongkhag and Drungkhag Courts are attending this virtual training which will end on 4th June 2021.

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